Toon BSDF and Shader to RGB not fit for me, and I trying to create flat color shader in cycles. I decided to use this shader, and it works well, until the metallic roughness not "0", then it is reflect like diffuse. I was looking for it on other questions, but there shaders not completely flat. And I want just shadeless material, and this should be reflect like flat. This s blender file, if you want to test shader quickly

Edited: Diffuse shader added to not to illuminate objects around

Edited 2: Partially resolved with adding "Is Glossy ray" output to "Fac", but some part of rays still illumnate objects around. Not final resolve

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here


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Flat Color

  • plug RGB node directly, there is no need to use Emission shader

Flat Color in Reflection with Roughness

  • math Light Path of Camera Ray with Glossy Ray** and use as factor in Mix Shader node


  • current setup generates shadow, if you dont want that plug Transparent shader into top Shader socket of Mix Shader node.

For your Edit2: Delete your Diffuse Shader that generates indirect light on surrounding objects.

enter image description here enter image description here

Great article to check How the light path node works


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