how to get number of selected vertex and the number of total vertex with python? and how can I select an object by its name and make it the active?


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You have multiple questions there:

import bpy
import bmesh

obj = bpy.context.active_object
if bpy.context.mode == 'EDIT_MESH':
    bm = bmesh.from_edit_mesh(obj.data)
    verts = [ v.index for v in bm.verts if v.select ]
    verts = [ v.index for v in obj.data.vertices if v.select ]


and for the second question:

bpy.context.scene.objects.active = bpy.data.objects[name]
# fix shortcoming identified by Omar :
for obj in bpy.context.scene.objects:
    obj.select = ( obj == bpy.context.scene.objects.active)
  • $\begingroup$ thanks,the 1st one work fine but the 2nd one is not working well,I want it to select the object only but I find that it select 2 objects the one that was active and the one I select by the script $\endgroup$
    – Omar Emara
    Nov 6, 2014 at 16:42

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