For example i have a empty file, with only my figure. I give the figure some standard animations like run, walk, drink, etc. Because i don't want to animate the whole walk movement again and again. So every animation is looping.

Is it possible, to save these loop animations directly to a character? So that i can import this character with animation into other scenes and make the same character 30 times in the scene and say you use the walking animation, you the sit and drink animation, you make this and this? Without making every animation again?

I hope you understand what i mean. To save this animation like a shape key, like a yes or no thing. Where i only have to say, animation 1 repeat from 150 to 200 frame, then animation 3 repeat from 300 to 380 frame, etc.

For example, I choose a character, move the whole character from a to b and then i tick a field like walk animation and the character use the walk animation from a to b. Then the walk stop and a unique animation start, which i only create for this scene, after this there is a new walk process and i tick the field for walking again. Actually i animate every walking after a unique scene like talking complete new.


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