I have a number of Tiles resembling a Sphere. enter image description here

In each tile, the Vertices are arranged in a different order, I want to rearrange them in a uniform order, like this, I want to arrange them like this

So, the way I've been doing this is,

  1. Select the first row of Vertices, Apply 'Sort Elements' - 'Selected'
  2. Select the first two rows of Vertices, Apply again
  3. Select the first three rows of Vertices, and so on...

But there are around 600 tiles, and doing each of them like this manually would be exhausting. I think Scripting would be ideal for this, But I don't know How to get the rows of Vertices, especially since I don't know the exact indexes of the Vertices that are in the first row. Can anyone point me in the right direction?



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