I'm modelling hard surface objects (boxes, machines etc) for Unity Game. I already have previous versions of these models in game, all working, using fbx with Unity standard material setup using Albedo-Normal maps and multiple LODs. But i want to replace these current models with new ones made from scratch including textures.

So I built a higher res model in Blender (around 6k polys), UV mapped, and then brought into Substance Painter, textured it with lots of fine details represented in the texture maps, then baked textures in painter. Back into blender with the high res model and use the new Painter baked textures for albedo, normal etc. All good. Looks great.

So now for LOD's , I normally have 3. The high res (well thats done so great, looks great in game) , a med res (around 800 polys) and a super low res which is basically a cube. I'll use the same texture for all LODs of course with MipMapping.

As i said the high res is complete, but now I need to map the painter texture to the low & Med res models. So the low res is simple as it's basically a cube. But the med res is more complicated. The choices I see are.

1.Just unwrap the Med res and map it onto the painter texture (hmm laborious)

2.Decimate the High res model into a medium res which (I think) will retain the high res UVs

3.Use Blender's Bake to bake the high res onto the medium res

For now it's just one model, but I'd like to have a good workflow in place before I begin on replacing all the in game models with new ones.

Thoughts on what I am doing wrong, or inefficiently are welcome. I currently only have Blender and Painter avail so ideas of using other software is a none starter.

thanks folks!!


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