I am a new and novice in blender. I want to use the head and arms as separate objects than the body. But I have them attached together and the bones are also created and set as if they are together. Now I want to make the head and arms as different objects with bones as it was before ie without destroying the bone structure and its functionality. so that i can use them in unity and switch the head on and off.

Please pardon My English.enter image description here


I'm not entirely sure if it does or doesn't corrupt your animation data as the weights possibly change but here a workflow worth a try:

  1. Select the mesh and go in edit mode 'tab'.
  2. Select the head press Y to split the geometry.
  3. Repeat the process for the arms.
  4. While still being in edit mode press P and select "separate by loose parts".

This should separate the geometry into parts. I'm not sure how this will affect the armature / binding and animations.

-> run an animation to check if that already solved your issues

If the bindings are lost (arms / head etc, don't react to the bones):

  1. Select all objects you want to bind to the rig.
  2. Select the rig last.
  3. Press Ctrl+P and select "With Automatic Weight".

Run an animation - if the deformations are weird, you probably have to take a look into weight painting.


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