How to get location from a list with python?

list = ["Cube1","Cube2", "Cube3"]

How can I get the Y location for the list?

I can get it for each individual object:

C1= bpy.data.objects["Cube1"].location

But I don't know how to convert list to [(X,Y,Z),(X,Y,Z),(X,Y,Z)]

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    $\begingroup$ loclist = [bpy.data.objects[name].location[:] for name in namelist]? Or .location.y for the Y's? But maybe is this a Python question, not a Blender question? $\endgroup$ – Robin Betts Jul 4 at 22:52

Assuming we have the default cube and three clones as our object names, we can build new lists for the locations, and the Y locations. You asked for both in the question and I was unsure which you actually wanted...

import bpy

list = ["Cube","Cube.001", "Cube.002", "Cube.003"]
locations = []
yLocs = []

for n in list:
    locations.append( bpy.data.objects[n].location )
    yLocs.append( bpy.data.objects[n].location.y )
print( locations )
print( yLocs )
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