I've rigged a humanoid character in Rigify, and then followed this tutorial for a walk cycle:


I now want to export my results to C4D so I can refine and render there, however each time I export it as an FBX, it completely mangles my rig. Also, the Rigify rig imported into Cinema is very complicated, with lots of different skeletons controlling the same mesh.

Is there a way to simplify the Rigify rig after I've done the animation, and export this simplified version as an FBX so that I don't get distortions in C4D? If possible I want to add a tiny bit more aniamtion in C4D afterwards (face, eyes etc.)

I've searched online and most of the threads I've found seem to talk about baking the walk cycle action to deformation (DEF) bones and getting rig of ORG bones. I'm quite new to Blender, so I don't know how to select ORG or DEF bones. So I baked the action and then exported it as an FBX, yet still got the distortions in C4D. It had improved a tiny bit, but not much.

Let me know if you want any images and scene file an I'll upload

Many thanks


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