I'm trying to offset the mirrored geometry procedurally.

For example, here I have some beams with two simple deforms and a mirror modifier:

With modifiers

But I wish to have the beams interlace and look like this:

Manual result example

Which I got by applying all the modifiers and manually moving one side along the x axis a bit.

I want to find a solution that doesn't involve having to apply all the modifiers, for example being able to offset the mirrored side of the geometry, is this possible?

Blend file for anyone interested:

  • $\begingroup$ you can choose the mirroring point: add an empty and mirror by that empty. is it what you are trying to do? $\endgroup$ – Sanbaldo Jul 3 at 8:51

Actually a linked duplication of your object would be simpler than any solution: Duplicate your object with AtlD, flip it on the Y axis with SY-1 and move it so that the 2 objects cross each others.

But other than that I was able to do it with the Array modifier. It looks like you can't shift the object with the Mirror modifier(?).

  • Create an empty close to your object.

enter image description here

  • Give your object an Array modifier, disable Relative Offset, enable Object Offset with the empty as Object.

enter image description here

  • Select your empty, flip it on the Y axis with SY-1. The object is mirrored on the Y axis.

enter image description here

  • Move the empty so that the objects cross the way you want.

enter image description here

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