I have a somewhat convoluted issue, but if I can sort it out I can make my Blender > Substance Painter for baking workflow a lot better.

TL;DR My explanation is pretty bad. I basically want the following hierarchy in blender

  • [Collection] highpoly_Forearm
    • [Mesh] Circle.001
    • [Mesh] Circle.002
    • [Mesh] Circle.003
    • [Mesh] Cube.001
    • [Mesh] Cube.002
  • [Collection] highpoly_LowerArm
    • [Mesh] Circle.001
    • [Mesh] Circle.002
    • [Mesh] Cylinder.001
    • [Mesh] Cube.001
    • [Mesh] Cube.002
    • [Mesh] Cube.003
    • [Mesh] Cube.004

Exported in an FBX or OBJ with the following mesh hierarchy;

  • [Mesh] highpoly_Forearm
  • [Mesh] highpoly_LowerArm

If I have to use materials instead of Collections to define which objects to group together that's alright too, as I will likely want to create a separate textureset for each moving part.

I've finished my high-poly model; for each low-poly mesh, the high poly version is actually made of numerous separate objects that are all part of one Collection, with the Collection corresponding to the low-poly mesh I will bake it to. The only issue is I have a real good non-destructive workflow going, so I don't want to have to apply all modifiers and join all meshes in each Collection before exporting the FBX or OBJ file. I could make a copy of the file and do all those steps each time I change the geometry, then go back to the original file if I want to work on the meshes with modifiers, but that's a ton of extra steps I want to avoid (plus multiple files can get out of hand fairly quickly.)

For example, I have a robot arm. The upper arm and forearm are each different moving parts, so the low-poly mesh will have an upper arm and forearm mesh, however, the high-poly mesh is made up of two Collections, each named the same as the corresponding low-poly meshes but each one is filled with a bunch of objects name things like Plane.053 and Cube.012.

I'm hoping there's an easy way of doing this since I know the OBJ export settings have pretty in-depth settings for OBJ objects and OBJ groups.


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