It is possible to do a take-off/landing for an airplane in BGE using logic bricks?

I've done it but on the floor the plane is not limited in rotation.

For take-off I'm applying a rotation around X, but if it is stationary I'm still able to rotate it. Can I limit the rotation to 25 degrees until it has some distance from the floor? enter image description here


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I've found out that it has to be rigid body. Sitting on the "ground" the the rigid body is respecting the physics laws so it is loosing 2 DOF rotations.

  • $\begingroup$ If you solved the problem, can you detail as to exactly what was the problem or what you were doing wrong etc. A vague one liner isn't sufficient. $\endgroup$
    – iKlsR
    Nov 2, 2014 at 23:59

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