I have uploaded Blender 2.83 and when I use Viewport Shading, Material Preview my object appears to not register - the blur in the image is the result of moving the view so Blender has blurred whatever it thinks is behind the object of which it appears to be rendering as transparent.

The 'solid' objects in the screenshot do not have a material assigned to them so it's clearly something to do with the Materials Editor. Please note that I am not applying any textures to the objects, just the Materials Shader. The models in both pictures are the same but the second picture was taken using Blender 2.8 so obviously this is a 2.83 issue but I do not know how to resolve it. Please can someone advise.

  • $\begingroup$ When was the last time you updated your graphics drivers? I have seen several users report Blender 2.83 exhibiting strange graphical behavior, and updating drivers worked to solve some (but not all) of them. Still, it's worth a shot. Blender 2.83 also seems to some with a new list of unsupported GPU's, most of which are 10+ years old. You can decide if this applies to you based on your GPU specs. $\endgroup$ – Christopher Bennett Jun 25 '20 at 14:51

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