The linked fbx is a character model from a game which is available to download from their website as well.

Link to dragon_knight_econ.fbx: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14tml7fK_Iurah91M8UR2vs97eytjVf0y/view?usp=sharing

When importing the fbx into maya, the shield and sword objects show up in the correct place - right next to the shield and weapon bones which are next to the character's hands.

However, when importing into blender, the same sword and shield show up between the character's feet at the 0,0,0 origin.

I would imagine there's some simple step to fix this but I'm very new to blender and stuck.

For reference, the object names are dragon_knight_shield and dragon_knight_weapon. They are supposed to be right next to the bones named shield_2 and sword_1.

Note: I'm very new to blender (and know even less in maya).

How it should be (this is taken from inside maya 2019) maya fbx showing correct sword and shield position

How it is in blender 2.83 (at the wrong position)

blender screenshot showing incorrect sword and shield position


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