Just when I was rigging a character in Blender 2.8 with Auto-Rig Pro, I noticed this problem: some of the bones don't rotate/move when I use the mouse (indicated in red), even though it works when I input the Euler angle in the Rotation boxes (green). Is there any way I can fix this without starting again from scratch? This image will show you what I mean. The rotation only works when the angles are input in the box (green), and not when I move the mouse after pressing R or G (red).

  • $\begingroup$ I use Auto-Rig Pro and I've never had this issue. Not many people here use this amazing addon. I'm always wanting to find other Blender users who have it. If you'd like, we can chat about it in a room here. I'd be interested both in helping you out with it, if possible, and maybe learning what you know also. What do you say? $\endgroup$ – R-800 Jun 23 '20 at 1:47

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