I have such question. Let's say I have 2 models. First armature it's hands, and second one it's jacket. I want to tie hands to jacket.

I already tried to join these 2 armatures, but when I create IK rig that hands & sleeves move a little differently.

Then I tried to transfer weights from Elbow bone of hands to Elbow bone of jacket. I did this with Transfer Weights & Elbow hand began to move behind Elbow sleeve. But since I switched armature of hands to armature of jacket, fingers stopped moving.

"Copy Vertex Group to Selected" doesn't work. It displays message "Copy Vertex Group to Selected: 0 done, 1 failed (object data must have matching indicies)".

As I understand, need to combine these 2 armatures & somehow copy weights of Elbow hands onto Elbow jacket. But when I tried to do so, it didn't work correctly. Half of hand stopped moving behind bone.

Renaming bones & vertex groups to the same name also didn't help.

In general, please tell me how to combine 2 armatures so that subsequently weights from necessary bone are added to weights of another bone so that in the end it would be like one armature? Or how to make single IK rig from 2 armatures so that it works well?

enter image description here


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