So.. i am designing a GUI.. and I want the camera to point straight at the Rectangle\cube that I am working on so that when I render the Cube is perfectly straight on sides\top\bottom..

In C4D I would add a camera then go to its coordinates and just zero out all rotation and voila.. when i render Its 'straight on'

How do i achieve this in Blender?

I am an absolute beginner.



Use the numpad keys to get the (orthographic) view you want

Numpad 1 = front,

Numpad 3 = side,

Numpad 7 = top,

Numpad 9 = flip (ex: top becomes bottom).

To toggle orthographic and perspective view use Numpad 5

When you have the correct side, press Ctrl+Alt+Numpad 0 to snap the camera to your viewport view.

To get more specific, select the camera and press N to bring up the tool menu where you can adjust values manually (such as distance).

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To clear the rotation on the camera: Select the camera press Alt+R and the camera will be zeroed on the rotation (R is the shortcut for rotation)

The default rotation is with the camera looking down at the ground on the Negative $Z$ axis.

Likewise, to move the camera to the origin coordinates use Alt+G


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