I have a client who asked me to weigh their avatar. Business as Usual I create the armature and then place the mesh model into the armature with empty groups. I am able to weigh the outermost layer of meshes but anything in an empty group does not allow for me to select a specific bone to begin weighing. Weight issue

To be clear I am selecting the the bones in object mode, putting it into pose mode, shift clicking the mesh and putting that into weight mode. Same as usual. But this mesh being part of a object with empties seems to keep me from weighing it.

Ran into this issue with another robot some time ago, The solution I had was to disassemble the object put all mesh into one layer then adjust the scale, rotation and position. That won't work for this avatar because there are so many parts and it needs to be precise.

outside empties

As you can see here, If I drag the object outside the empties but leave it in the armature I am now able to select individual bones to weigh. But due to scale and rotation values the mesh would need to be adjusted and I can't tear the clients model into too many pieces.


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