I find this custom driver on templates / python / driver_functions and I did it run.

But I realize that always I close and reopen the file, it need to be compiled and updated in the driver.

I try this but it doesn't compile in the open file and also I don't know how to update all dependencies after

import bpy
import os
import sys
if __name__ == "__main__":
    path = "F:/fILES/proyectos/bpy_study/Scripts" 
    fname01 = "driver_functions.py"
    if path not in sys.path:

    file01 = os.path.join(path, fname01)

    exec(compile(open(file01).read(), fname01, 'exec'))

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It was easy to do, just turn on the checkbox register in Menu/ Text/ Register and the next time to open blender it is run automatically enter image description here


here's how I update dependencies.

obj.hide_render = obj.hide_render

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