I have an armature associated with a mesh. In Pose Mode I have oriented the armature the way I want, so I press A to select the entire armature and then I press I to insert keyframes. I've done this successfully on simple models while following tutorials, but back in my real model I'm getting the following error and I don't understand what context is being looked for.

No suitable context info for active keying set

What constitutes a "context" in Pose mode? What should I be looking for in my model structure that is leading to such an error?


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From the keying sets documentation:

No suitable context info for Keying Set

This error occurs when either:

  1. The Keying Set requires that some specific type of data is selected (i.e. all builtin Keying Sets require that you have some selected object/bone)
  2. When using the "Available" builtin Keying Set, and the object that you're trying to keyframe doesn't already have any keyframes/F-Curves, this error will be shown as it there are no existing keyframes/F-Curve on the selected object(s) to insert keyframes on

The keying set can be selected/cleared using the keying set controls in the header of the Timeline window.

  • $\begingroup$ Thank you, @Aldrik, that looks to be a very thorough write-up. I did use Internet search tools to try and find that error message, but none were found. And I looked in the Blender wiki before turning to Blender.SE -- but I'm glad I did!! $\endgroup$
    – tobinjim
    Commented Jul 15, 2013 at 23:32

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