I edited a video from my phone with Blender (changed colors + added text synced with the audio). But then I saw that later in the video, the text is not synced with the audio (for example a text comes from the top on a new beat)

Using ffmpeg I saw that the video has variable fps (which I think is normal for phone videos). Is there a solution where I can sync the text, or should I convert the video to constant fps with ffmpeg first? (I don't want to render twice, x1 with ffmpeg and x1 with blender which uses ffmpeg)


Most NLEs needs footage which is not VFR, so you're right, you'll need to encode it to constant fps.

Velvet Revolver can be used to batch encode a folder to an intermediate files("lossless" with constant framerate): https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tin2tin/blender_velvets/master/Blender_2.80/velvet_revolver.py

Info: http://blendervelvets.org/en/velvet-revolver/

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  • $\begingroup$ Will put forward Handbrake as another x-platform video converter to consider. $\endgroup$ – batFINGER Jun 16 at 9:26
  • $\begingroup$ Yes, there are plenty of GUIs for ffmpeg: videohelp.com/… $\endgroup$ – tintwotin Jun 16 at 15:29

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