I would like to move one or two vertices of the initial cube in Blender so that it becomes a bit rhomboidal (deformed) by dragging the captured vertex with the mouse. I cannot find the right place in Blender to play with deforming the cube. More specifically I need that the cube remains as a whole, just deformed. I have found something similar to this in the l.h.s. but not quite what I need.

enter image description here


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I don't have a tool that does this for you, but you can manipulate the shape yourself. Here's how I would do it:

  1. go to edit mode (either press Tab or go to the left corner, change it from Object Mode to Edit mode) you know that you are in Edit Mode if you see the vertices of the cube as dots change from object to edit mode
  2. now select 4 vertices while holding Shift (the selected vertices appear orange and the one you selected last is white) four selected vertices in orange
  3. press S (for changing the scale) and then press Y (to scale it along the Y-axis, but you could also press X to scale it along the X-axis or Z) deformed cube
  4. to scale it you just need to move your mouse in the direction you want to scale it
  5. if you are still in the scaling mode (you see a dotted black line coming from the center of your object), you can switch between the axes by pressing X, Y or Z and continue scaling along them

Hope this helps

(if you just want to move one vertex at a time, just click on the one you want to move and then press G to move it in space or G and then Z to move it along the Z-axis)


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