I am looking for an altenative of this script (which split renders a .blend file, much faster): https://github.com/jendabek/BlenderRenderController

but for Linux and working with the latest Blender version. Do you know how I can speed up VSE rendering? I think a bash script can help too (or a python), because there is this api: https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/latest/advanced/command_line/render.html

But somebody must have written this already, I hope. I have 12 cores which I want to utilize.


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Use the parallel render add-on: https://github.com/elmopl/ktba/tree/master/scripts/addons

  • Install it.
  • Add an absolute path to ffmpeg in the add-on preferences.
  • Find the Parallel Render options in the Render sidebar.

(For really fast render use AVI JPEG and PR, but you'll have to render audio separate afterwards and mux it yourself)


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