I have a mapping node connected to an image texture to tile a carpet image on a plane. The results are OK until I scale the object. I am looking for a way to scale the plane without enlarging the carpet image texture.

Node setup: UV Map -> Mapping -> Image -> BSDF -> Output Image node setup

OK result

OK result

After I scale the plane the carpet texture is too large. I know I can go back to scale the texture but is there a way where I do not have to do that?

image texture is too large

IDK if it matters, but I want to keep this in EEVEE.


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One way is to use Object Coordinates and an Empty.
The texture will then keep its size when objects are scaled.

  1. Add an ampty to your scene
  2. Set texture coordinates to Object and target your empty
  3. Adjust the texture position/size by moving/scaling the empty or via the Mapping node.

enter image description here


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