So I haven just started to make mods for pokemon swords and shields. Also this is my first time using Blender. I did not learn like how to use Blender step by step. I just gathered information I needed. Now I understand breifly the modeling tools, bones, and weight painting.

Ok so now here is the problem I am having. The way I mod is extract pokemon model file(.dae) and then import it in Blender. Then in that I modify the model. At first I only focused on the appearance of the model and ignored the animation. Now the parts (my mods just normally add body parts/accessaries to the original models) distorts when there is an animation. I then figured out this might be something to do with the weighting of the model.

However, the models imported do not always have distinctive bones rather tiny bones with relations. I have tried to magnifying them, converting them when importing (below are the settings I used when importing. Bones were created but there are still relations). Both methods have the problem when weight painting.

enter image description here

So I guess my second methods should be close but I still could not get the weight painting working properly. Whenever I try to select a bone in weight painting mode, I could only select "sample group" as seen in the screenshot below.

enter image description here

I tried weight painting the added parts' weight to zero with all possible relating "sample groups" selected. But the resulting animation does not seemed to be affected.

Could this be resulting from "sample group" was selected rather than a single bone when weight painting? Or is there any other things I can do to fix this? Thanks a lot.


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