I am trying to create a looping fluid simulation. This is something that I have never seen done elsewhere, without faking it in post/sequencing, but I think that my method should work. The functionality of the Boolean modifier is preventing it from working well though.

The basic method is one that is frequently used in other looping simulations:

  • Create fluid sim. Fluid passes through system and is all gone by frame 100.
  • Duplicate this fluid sim and offset the inflow by e.g. 60 frames.
  • With both fluid sims, frame 120 is identical to frame 60.
  • Combine the resulting meshes with a Boolean modifier.

The last step is the one that doesn't work. The Boolean modifier is leaving mesh portions from e.g. fluid sim 1 inside of the mesh of fluid sim 2. Normally this wouldn't be such a big deal, but because the mesh is transparent, these 'inner' mesh portions are visible. Here is a screenshot example:


Here is a video clip showing how the looping actually works, where you can see the two separate fluid meshes:

Video link

Here is the .blend (you'll have to bake the fluids of course):

.blend file link

If anyone has any advice on how to get the boolean modifier to work better, or a better way to achieve this effect, I would be very grateful.



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