I have the following problem: I have modeled a simple robot consisting of an armature with some bones and some CAD parts parented to the bones. During modelling, I applied several transforms to obtain the desired shapes. Now I just realized that all these transforms have only been applied to one specific keyframe somewhere in the timeline. For all other keyframes, all transforms are lost.

enter image description here

Is it possible to delete the timeline except that one frame or to copy the keyframe to all other keyframes?

Any help is much appreciated!


In the screenshot you have multiple object selected. You can select all keys in a frame when you select only the armature (Armature.001), then there will be a yellow dot in the Dope Sheet Summary line.

  1. Right click (RMB RMB) to select this keyframe
  2. ⎈ CtrlC
  3. Select the destination frame (LMB LMB)
  4. ⎈ CtrlV (paste)

Or in one step:

  1. Select keyframe (RMB RMB)

  2. Duplicate and move with ⇧ ShiftD

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