I decided to organize my file directory, but when I went back to my project both the video and audio were not working
The fix was to update the source location on both

Now I'm having an issue where I can't get the waveforms to show
And I also don't know if it's using the correct proxy data since I don't know which file exactly is the proxy file when I go to use the "custom proxy file" option

To show an example of what I did:
The file path used to b d:/videos/project/video.mp4
Now the file path is d:/VideoEditing/projects/video.mp4

I made a new .blend project and the waveforms showed up there I don't want to start a new project however since I've already cut out things from both video and audio on my current .blend project



I jst had to reload my .blend

In other words:
Save and close, then re-open the project
(with the new file directory changes
so that they match where your files a newly located at)


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