I just ran a noise bake of a smoke/fire simulation in Blender 2.82a (using the new Mantaflow fluid system) over night. Unfortunately, Blender crashed after the simulation was done, but before I was able to save the project file. The noise cache is still present in //cache_fluid/noise (at least I can see the .vdb files), but they don't show up in the Blender project. In the noise panel of the smoke domain, I could bake the noise again, but there is currently none.

EDIT: I just noticed I do see the noise on enabling the checkbox, although the bake button still says "bake" and not "free noise".

My question is: Is there a way to tell Blender/Mantaflow to "reconnect" the noise cache to the simulation as a bake, like there was in the old smoke system (I believe it was called something like "current cache to bake")?

I appreciate any help and thanks in advance.


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