My goal is: to bake object Albedo (which I describe it as far as I know as the row color of materials without any light interaction) and this is what I need. (If you have a way to bake the albedo please let me know).

My way is: I could not find straight way (I am using blender 2.79) so I did the following steps:

  1. Bake diffuse color only (no lights at all) for the whole scene (the result from this is colors (albedo) of all objects in the scene except for the glossy objects and emission objects their colors is black), see the pictures.
  2. Bake gloss color only (no light at all) for the whole scene (the result from this is colors (gloss) of objects while the glossy objects colors baked correctly here like "water tabs", while other non glossy objects have some glossy values (all represented as colors)), see the pictures.
    1. Bake the Emit which yielded the colors for the emotion objects, see the pictures.

By now I got three baked textures for each object (diffuse, gloss, emit), I wanted to have put all together in one result by using the black result in the diffuse textures to be replaced by the colors from the gloss textures, then the still black colors in the mixed colors will be replaced from the emit colors, the node structure which I have used for this is shown in the pictures.

In this situation I have a scene each object on it has three textures to be mixed and three different uv maps (one for each), to map each texture with its correct uvmap I used (UV map node) once and used (Attribute node) on another time (sorry but I am new to blender).

Then I tried to bake only diffuse color from this mix (without any lights, just color) but it did not work it gave me totally black texture. notice that we do not need lights as we are baking colors only.

you can see in the "mixed textures" image that using "material-viewport" it show textures ok, but using "texture-viewport" textures are not ok.

I also tried to use (diffuse shader node) after (image texture node) before the (mix shaders) and some times before the (math node-less than note : its value is (<0.0001) to get black), but no way.

I also tried to use before the math node (rgb to bw node) to change from 3 channels to 1 channel but did not work also.

I also tried to add (diffuse shader node ) before output node, but did not work.

I tried a mix of all of these last trials but did not work.

I will not able to upload my .blend file as it is big. Kindly I would be grateful if you could reproduce the issue and find a solution for it as I saw a several ways online but none of them worked with me.

Thanks in advance.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here


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