I want to make character animation in blender.

and, I also want to rendering character object with Ctrl+0, Ctrl+1... case by case

but, I have a problem with UV border.

enter image description here

you can see my problem in the image.

I think the problem came from Subdivision uv border treatment.

Blender's subdivision uv is like 'Pin Corners' in Maya. but I need like 'Pin Borders' in Maya

Is there any function in Blender or any addon?


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    $\begingroup$ Hi. How is this different from your other question? $\endgroup$ – Ray Mairlot May 27 at 10:28
  • $\begingroup$ hi. thanks for your asking!! g.garone solution is great. but, g.garone's solution needs "apply" 'subdivision surface. and edit UV after "apply" subdivision surface. My question is different. If I have character and rigging ( Crtl+0 mesh state) is done. After animating, I will have to render the character. $\endgroup$ – Seung-hee Choi May 27 at 23:35
  • $\begingroup$ If my character is far from camera. I'll render the character with Ctrl+0 state. but, My character is very close. i should render the character with Ctrl+2 state above.. Mesh' Subdivision surface level should be switchable with Scene condition. But, I cannot find the solution the UV Border problem. If I paint object wit Citl+0. I have a border seam with Ctrl+1,.. I can't do the g.garone's solution for every scenes. If you use Maya, Max, or other DCC. you know what I want. My english is poor. but i hope to understand my question. Thanks!! $\endgroup$ – Seung-hee Choi May 27 at 23:35

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