I am an intermediate blender user and I am currently working on a trireme for a Unity RTS. I have UV unwrapped the mesh manually and I need to have to apply a plank texture on my main hull so I need my UVs to be flattened to achieve plank curving. The unwrap looks good from the stretching point of view (by area type), just some light blue on the front and back but as soon as I flatten the UVs I get horrible stretching that completely ruins my model.


What have I done wrong? Wrong flattening process, poor mesh, poor seam placement?

The flattening process

Select an almost square uv and the scale by 0 on the X and Y the corresponding vertices to get a perfect rectangle aligned with the X and Y. The select that face and afterwards the whole island with L, press right click and select follow active quads by average length method.

Images the uv island that needs to be flattened back part front part

the uvs before flattening

the model

the model

flattened uv back part flattened uv front part flattened uv

the uvs after flattening


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