I am trying to import a Sketchup model (.skp file) into Blender and then later on into Unity.

First, I did the default Collada export, but upon importing the .dae file into Blender, I got nothing.

I, then, followed the instructions on this webpage: Import SketchUp ".skp" files but the result was just an empty Blender scene...

Something that might be useful to know is that in my first attempt to use Collada export, there was a folder craeted (during the export process) with 3 materials in it. It basically means my model uses some material (brick texture, metal surface, etc...) which might be the reason for the failure of export/import processes.

Has anyone run into such a problem before? Is there a work around for this kind of work that deals with multi-layer multi-material 3D models craeted in SketchUp?


p.s. I would be happy to send my file over to someone who believes they could analyze it and see perhaps what the problem might be...



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