Running 2.82.7 or 2.82.7a on win 8.1 64 pro, Nvidia gtx 770,

BACKGROUND------------------------------------ Blender was running fine for months. BTW No recent updates to win or drives. During a Cycles render the denoise pass took way to long and crashed blender. Blender won't open I Get "OpenGL 3.3 blender won't open" now.

QUESTION--------------------------------------- 2.7x has a startup file. Where is the 2.8x startup file?

STATMENT--------------------------------------- Remember blender was working. I've been through this issue with both 2.8. Yes, I've done all the driver updates. Not to say ultimately this is NOT an Nvidia drive issue. However, after spending many many hours DDUing and installing drivers I'm not looking for a driver answer. Thanks all the same. I do believe this is a blender corrupt file.


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