Sorry for beginner's question. I sometimes find myself modeling in layout mode and am unable to access any of the tools or select any of the mesh. I must have pressed something or locked something.

Here is what my screen looks like in this situation:

enter image description here


You seem to have unvoluntarily disabled Viewport overlays and gizmos (these are all the contour lines, widgets, grids, basically everything that is not renderable geometry). To re-enable them, press these buttons in the top-right corner of your 3D viewport:

enter image description here

The little arrows next to them let you selectively enable/disable elements.

If that's not your issue, maybe it is that you want to enter the Edit Mode?

There are 3 ways to access it:

  1. On the top-left corner of your screenshot, you can see 'Object Mode'. Click on it and select Edit Mode
  2. While your cursor is on the 3D Viewport and your object(s) is/are selected, hit Ctrl + tab. A pie menu appears: select Edit Mode
  3. Still while your cursor is on the 3D Viewport, hit the tab key : it toggles between Edit and Object mode

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