I'm new in the Blender community. I really like Blender and I try to use Blender as my main 3D program in my workflow. I still have some critical issues that makes it hard to use.

When I am using a displacement shader with Cycles, I have weird cracks happening in my model. Someone told me it's a normal smoothing issue.

I was already using the "shade smooth" option but there were still some hard edges here and there and it's where the cracks are happening. I am using Maya since years, so I went there and soften my normals and re-imported it to blender: problem solved ! So now, how can I do that in blender ? what are those cracks in the first place ? it's like the vertexes are split on those edges (but actually they are not).

This issue is happening all the time. From a sculpted objet, modeled object or even generated object from some blender add-ons.

I took a screenshot to show you. I generated a few rocks with the rock mesh add-on from blender. The top row is the models smoothed in Maya and the bottom row the models smoothed in Blender as it is: Cycles - Rocks with displacments and cracks And this one to see the smoothing: View port shading

I would be happy if someone has some insight regarding this issue ! Thanks !


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