I am a new to blender...any way. I have followed these steps to the T and yet still when I try to move Vincent (character from blender), I cannot move any part of him. Any idea as to what I need to do? (I'm using blender 2.8)

These are the steps I have followed from blender site: 1. Put your 3D cursor in the Origin of your scene. Choose File > Link and browse the character file 2. Go to the Collections and select CH-Vincent.high. Make sure "Instance Collections" is enabled. Press Enter. 3. The Collection should appear instanced in the Viewport. Select it. Choose Object > Relations > Make Proxy... 4. In the list, select RIG-Vincent.

I followed the instruction listed above and I haven't configured anything else. Can anyone tell how I can solve this issue and get my character Vincent to move (meaning arms, legs etc.)

PS: I have Blend rig 5 installed. I am in pose mode when I try to move him...but can't. I am on Blender Version 2.82 I have also tried other (pre rigged) characters from blender cloud but none of them can move.


after digging up in 2.82 I’ve solved it by clicking move in object gizmos (which was turned off by default)I have uploaded an image of what i am referring to for anyone who has or had this issue of the character not being able to move or pose at all. Enable the move checkbox ☑️ in order for your move and pose your character

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