new to Blender 2.82

Basically just wondering, if I am rotating around my object, is there a way I can press shift while still holding the middle mouse button, and enable it to start panning?

It feels very awkward to have to release the middle mouse button, hold shift, then hold the middle mouse button again, then if I want to go back to rotating I have to release shift and the middle mouse button.

It just feels like there is a way to enable this perhaps, but I could not find it in the preferences


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Under User Preferences > Keymap navigate to 3D View > 3D View Global.

Look for the operator Rotate View and under it expand View 3D Rotate Modal. Add a new entry there with the sub option Switch to Move

enter image description here

You may optionally want to add one to View 3D Move Modal too, for equivalent behavior.


This is verified working in Blender 3.0.1 and involves changing the keymap: keymap

  • Go into Edit -> Preferences -> Keymap
  • Search for view3d.rotate and find the one bound to Mouse / Middle Mouse
  • Under View3D Rotate Modal, click Add New
  • Pick Switch to Move from the list
  • Expand the tiny ▶ next to Switch to Move (if you try and do it on the A just to the right without expanding, it won't let you pick Shift)
  • Click the A next to Switch to Move and press Left Shift
  • Pick Press from the drop-down to its right

Now repeat the process for view3d.pan, Switch to Rotate, and Release


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