I'm looking for a way to create a new Empty in the average center of 2-3 other Empties. (See Image 1) Image 1; Layout of empties

The original Empties come from motion capture points on an actor. I'll be using this new Empty to manipulate a bone within a rig. (See Image 2) The original Empties will be moving throughout the scene. IS this possible natively through Blender? Or will I need an Add-on or an original script?

Or is there another solution to my problem? Possibly using all 3 of the original empties to manipulate the joint? I've slipped slightly out of my depth here.

Using Blender 2.82

Image 2; Empties around bone


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You can set the cursor to the midpoint of those Empties and create a new Empty at the cursor location: enter image description here

  1. Select your empties
  2. Set the Transform Pivot Point to Median Point
  3. Place the cursor at this middle point: Right Click to show the Object Context Menu > Snap > Cursor To Selected (or press Shift + S > Cursor To Selected)
  4. Create the Empty: Shift + A > Empty

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