This is the first question of this newbie..it is probably a stupid question.

I want to learn blender for making models that can be 3d printed later. At this moment I'm only interested in designing models with well defined dimensions in the regions of mm/cm.

I'm struggling with what seems to be a basic concept of blender and that is the scale and measurements. I have watched several youtube movies on the topic and read many tutorials but still I could ask hundreds of questions about these topics.

I'm using 2.82 and have found how to set the measurements to mm and also show the length of egdes. When opening blender the standard cube is shown and it is 2x2x2 m(meters). If I set, in Scene, the units to mm than the cube is 2000x2000x2000 mm (milimeters). Seems Logic.

Suppose I need to print a cube of 2x2x2mm

I could leave the cube as it is (2000x2000x2000 mm) and scale the model at 0.001 when exporting to STL.

or I could transform the cube to the dimensions of 2x2x2mm. (without changing the scale 1.1.1) And than export to STL without changing the scale.

or Can I can set the "Unit Scale" in Scene/Units to 0.001. This way the cube is 2x2x2 mm. To me this seems logic. However, when I add a new Mesh, the mesh is again gigantic 2x2x2 m

It is clear that I need some(a lot) demystification of "scale and dimensions in Blender".

Therefore I wonder what should be step one for me.How can I best start to work in mm and from thereon build my model.

Hopefully the community can point me to the right direction. (I have the impression I'm overlooking someting so obvoius...I do believe that when somebody answers this question I will feel stupid :)

Regards, Mario


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