I'm getting weird uneven bevel width then trying to use bevel tool (ctrl+B) on those 3 edges in the edit mode. Scale, rotation, and position are applied, everything is 1 1 1 in the item's transform.

This 3 edges are selected

And this is the result of the beveling

Never have this strange behavior in Maya, is it that Blender's bevel algorithm just can't work with this type of geometry?


Normally Id suggest checking normals and non manifold geometry for anything causing trouble. attempted bevel

However I did a little mockup and found that simply blender doesn't support it. I did hear stuff about miter options that might change this stuff in the future, but I recommend using the knife tool with cut through or a loop cut if you want more straight loops.

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  • $\begingroup$ Thanks! Well, it's really time-consuming to do it with the knife, why they just can't copy the Maya's bevel behavior?) $\endgroup$ – Keijo May 2 at 11:26

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