I am trying to design a full 3D human body design. Today, I clicked on the camera button by curiousity but I think I lost the project. This is what I achieved so far and I think I lost it. enter image description here I am new on blender and I really need your help this is what the project shows me when Iopen the saved project. enter image description here Please how can I get my project back. Any Idea?

Thank you in advance.


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On your current screen you have both the timeline and UV editor open. I assume you want the 3D viewer, so click on the bottom left button, with the icon of a little landscape. From here you can select editor you want, which is 3D view to get back to your model.

The Editor Type dropdown menu

You are clearly very new to blender. I'd recommend moving onto the new version 2.82 which is much clearer and a less cluttered interface.

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    – user95072
    Commented Apr 29, 2020 at 15:32

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