I'm a metal artist and think I can learn blender enough so I can create my sculpture ideas, render them and submit them to sculpture jobs.

Hoping I can shave off some time by importing 3d files that I can then modify and shape to fulfill my design ideas.

What 3d file should I be looking for if it's possible to import? Will an .obj file work?

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    $\begingroup$ If you click on File button (top header menu bar) > Import, you'll see all the kind of formats you can import $\endgroup$
    – moonboots
    Commented Apr 29, 2020 at 5:55
  • $\begingroup$ I guess with just a low-poly mesh, no texture, materials etc. an .obj file should work well. Maybe .3ds as well. $\endgroup$ Commented Apr 29, 2020 at 8:38
  • $\begingroup$ I gave this question a downvote, because it shows no research effort at all. $\endgroup$ Commented Feb 25, 2021 at 18:19

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Blender offers a wide range of popular file formats (e.g. OBJ, FBX, 3DS, PLY, STL, etc.) that can be used to import and export. Please note that many of the import/export features are enabled by the use of addons. See the import/export addons section of the manual for details.


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