I beg pardon for this question, but I can't really wrap my head around this matter, as it works flawlessly in all other apps by default but doesn't seem to work in Blender. Here's the issue enter image description here

As you can see, there's a couple of cubes and plants which are simple planes with alpha channel. When I try to render the depth pass or a mist pass, these plants get absolutely ignored enter image description here The geometry with a simple material is there but the objects with alpha get omitted. I suspect that it is just my stupidity but can't find a way to add the objects with alpha to the depth pass. Anyone can explain this? Thanks in advance.


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Fortunately I stumbled upon the material settingenter image description here

For some reason, if you set your blend mode to "Alpha blend" - Eevee does not render the objects with this material at all. It sort of treats them as transparent for the Depth pass.


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