I am making a ski lift, pictured below. For the chairs, I am hoping to use a mix of an array modifier and a follow path constraint.Description

I have tried to use a curve modifier, but this offsets the whole thing which isn't what I want either. I would really appreciate any advice on how to solve this problem. Thanks!


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A simple Array modifier will deform your object, so you can use 2 methods:

With Follow Path constraint:

  • Give your chair a Follow Path constraint.
  • Duplicate your object with AltD (linked duplication), and press Enter so that the copy stays at the exact same position.
  • Play with the constraint Offset value to place the copy before or after the original object.

With Duplifaces:

  • Create a curve. Put its origin to its beginning point to make it easier.
  • Create a plane at the exact same point. This plane will be used as a base for your chair.
  • Apply the curve and the plane scales.
  • Give the plane an Array modifier, choose Constant Offset or the Relative Offset value, choose the Count value.
  • Give the plane a Curve modifier with the curve as Object. The plane should be duplicated along the curve.
  • Keep the plane selected and in the Properties panel > Object > Instancing, activate Faces.
  • Parent the chair object to the plane, the chair should be duplicated on the planes.
  • If you want the chair to stay vertical along the curve, create a single vertex instead of a plane.
  • To animate, move the plane on the right axis.

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