I'm wondering if I could get some help. I'm super new to a Blender, coming from using Rhino3D for jewellery projects for years for my work. I don't own a personal license for Rhino3D and the plugins I use (something that costs around $8000), but want to branch out do similar projects for myself.

The main thing I'm wondering is if you can perform something similar to a Sweep function from Rhino (hopefully someone knows what I mean!). So what I'm looking to replicate is creating a circular curve for the inside of a ring design, drawing say 3, 4 or 5 different shaped/proportioned profiles to give it the shape, and sweeping this to create the ring model.

I have tried to use Extrude Along Path which give a very similar functions, but I only seem to be able to give it one shape all along the length, where I need to be able to do multiple. Imagine an extreme example being a ring with a round profile at the bottom, that blends in to a square profile at the sides, that blends in to a triangular profile at the top.

I hope that makes sense. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance, G


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