I am trying to make a wine glass, exploiting its axial symmetry.

I have a bezier curve spine (a line) which I have bevelled using another bezier curve bevel (a bezier circle).

I then applied a wine glass shaped bezier curve outer as taper to spine.

However, spine only reflects the bevelling and not the taper. (looks like a right cylinder)

What's wrong?

enter image description here fig1: On left the bevel curve, in the middle the spine and on right the taper curve

I have tried rescaling bevel and repositioning outer to no avail.


Select the upright glass section then apply a Screw modifier and choose the Y axis in the properties.

enter image description here

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  • $\begingroup$ the question is regarding debugging the taper property of bezeir curve...else i did it using Spin tool, yours works too. $\endgroup$ – lineage Apr 28 at 20:59

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