I'm trying to copy this

Zoomed in

So far I've got this

enter image description here

My material nodes look like this Material Nodes (yellow cube material is the same, just new colour)

enter image description here

My Composite nodes look like this Compositing Nodes (it's just a glare node for the 'glow')

enter image description here

My focus is on the cubes, not the foggy coloured background.

Here's what i think i'm missing:

  • Common texture between all cube materials for "bump" on the cubes

  • Blueish Point Light from Above

  • Less harsh emissions from my materials

Here's what i'd like some help understanding:

The yellow cube has two base colours that blend together, the yellow & orange. You can see the same blend in the red & pink above it and below it. I'm thinking it might be a subsurface scatter but i can't tell.

How can I copy the look of the cubes?

Source: https://www.ordinaryfolk.co/


You can get pretty good results with Translucent BSDF and a point light inside.

  • Emission shader isn't best, because it's uniform across the whole surface, nad doesn't receive shadows.
  • Settings are the same for both engines, but Cycles uses slightly lighter translucency color
  • For Eevee I enabled Bloom, for Cycles I'd probably use Glare node in Compositor.

enter image description here

enter image description here


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