I'm making a series of animations for a video game. I created a separate "action" for each of these animations, and everything worked great. Now, my character has a sword parented to him (or to be precise, I have a locator parented to both the sword and the character), and when I went back to polish the animation and add a bit of follow through, stretch, bend, etc on the sword (which until now was only moving in unison with its parent, making the animation a little stiff), I find that the animation I do on the sword is applied to every single action in my scene. So let's say my character jumps and I add the follow through animation on the sword, then when I go back to the walk animation, the sword is playing the jump follow through animation which obviously isn't what I want.

I can't seem to find a solution to this, besides exporting every action as its separate scene and doing the sword animation there.

Thanks in advance.


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