I was having problems with rendering for a long time, which caused hours of rendering a single frame when the scenes weren't soo complicated. I was messing around with the settings yesterday until I found the sweet spots and made my renders 20x faster.

So, since I always make separate save files for my projects, I've open up my 20x the render speed ".blend" file, and then the other one which rendered 20x slower, I tried to copy its settings by hand from the better one. What I did was:

  • Set sampling for render from 128 to 32;
  • Max bounces for total was set from 12 to 2;
  • Particle modifiers were set off in the viewport;
  • Bake type was set from combined to ambient occlusion;
  • Baked the land object that had trees on it (I have no idea if baking boosts rendering time, but I think it did some improvements).

But even when I copied exactly everything (maybe I've missed something, but I tried very hard to find what else was missing, no luck), it improved the rendering speed around 10x, twice as less than my best one. I'll include the files down below:

  1. [WORST] Multimedija6.blend - this is the file that takes ~1 hour to render, and I used this to apply the settings by hand from the "20x the speed" file:

  1. [MODIFIED] Multimedija6T.blend - this is the file where the changes were applied for the [WORST] one, the one I was talking in the 3rd paragraph, and it isn't as fast as my 20x one:


  1. [BEST] Multimedija7RG.blend - this is the one, that renders super quick, and can't remember what did I do to make it this fast without any quality degrade:


What I really want here is help, for why the [MODIFIED] file, with same settings applied as the [BEST], the fastest one file, doesn't render at the same speed. Maybe there is a way to copy all of the settings, including render, output and view layer properties from the [BEST] file to the [WORST] or [MODIFIED] ".blend" files? And just a side note, this is my first month using Blender, so I'm probably just now starting to realize how to render properly. :)


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