Currently working on a project where I am sculpting a statue of a dead king holding a sword. The statue was composed of many objects which I now successfully remeshed together.

Remesh went very well except for the sword blade which totally lost its edge. enter image description here enter image description here

Bearing in mind that this statue is being done for 3D printing and till now the mesh is totally manifold.

Is there a way I can align the vertice (edges) of the blade in a straight line without having to try and do it one by one?

Should I have marked the edges of the blade as SHARP maybe that would have helped in the remesh?

Your answer worked thanks very much. It's not perfect but much better than before. enter image description here

Now my only problem is the sword tip which was quite thin and seems to have corroded during the remesh. enter image description here


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To align the vertices, just scale them to zero along the perpendicular axis.

To scale multiple lines at once, set Pivot to Individual Origins.

enter image description here


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